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BEHIND IT Magazine©~ The Art of Style. Integrated marketing and social business strategies company specializing in the entertainment, fashion & film, arts, selective consumer and high quality print publications. An internationally distributed editorial celebrating the real life stories of up-and-coming artists, established designers and worldwide filmmakers. With a global perspective and high-end quality, BEHIND IT Magazine© delivers the latest trends in film, lifestyle & entertainment.  We present a complete immersion into style’s aesthetic with an original editorial design through a stylized platform.

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BEHIND IT Magazine© is a cultural epicenter in the publishing industry. 

BEHIND IT Magazine©

With an optimum visual quality and a refined layout, this publication is aimed at a specialized audience that is on a constant search for cutting-edge concepts, stunningly editorials and exclusive interviews. A way to view styles of fashion through aesthetic sensibility and visual poetry.  Embracing both printed and digital platforms, BEHIND IT Magazine© celebrates the glamour of renowned personalities, fashion designers and notable entrepreneurs. We translate style & art into trends for unique consumers! We Brings a international audience who wants style, personality and exciting behind the scenes stories. Don’t hesitate in update your advertising campaigns and submit your artworks provided it meets our editorial guidelines. Follow the link~

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Featuring innovators, artistic visionaries and prestige brands, BEHIND IT Magazine© explores their exhilarating projects and process behind the original creations. We encourage all our artists, publishers, brands and contributors in telling us their personal stories and the creative process of their creations. You can follow all our updates & subscribe as official member and enjoy our partnership.

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The Art Of Style!
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Our current Privacy PolicyTerms of Use & Copyright statements, explains how BEHIND IT Magazine© uses and protects any information that you provide to us when using our website, updating submissions for the online platform or publishing with the extended versions of the magazine. Under special agreements, you can raise your incomes with the magazine by linking advertising campaigns of worldwide brands and direct opportunity of get our commercial partnership.

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